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Now van, truck camper, skoolie bus, trailer, and any other kind of recreational vehicle builder or conversion companies, rentals, dealers, and owners can easily showcase their vehicles and projects on Vanlife Magazine.
We’re thrilled to announce our free Add a Home on Wheels feature that enables anyone to easily create a beautiful page that showcases a recreational vehicle or conversion project in front of the fantastic and highly engaged Vanlife Magazine community. For conversion and rental companies, and proud adventure mobile owners, adding a home on wheels is the best and easiest way to submit your vehicle for Vanlife Magazine editorial consideration. 
Each home on wheels you create will be added to your Vanlife Magazine profile portfolio. We will feature our favorite homes on wheels daily on Vanlife Magazine! 


Homes on Wheels Owners

Image by @mavistheairstream

Whether it’s your unique camper van, truck camper, skoolie bus, trailer, RV, or Airstream, we’d love to see it. We make it easy to create a beautiful page that represents your home on wheels on Vanlife Magazine. All you need is a couple of photos and a few words. The more information and higher quality photos you can provide, the better. 


Conversion Companies

Image by Hymer

We are continually looking to share with our community of professionals the astonishing work done by van, bus, or other types of recreational vehicle builders and conversion companies. “Add a home on wheels” is the best way to get projects and new models featured on Vanlife Magazine. Add as much information as you can for each project, such as features, off-grid capacities, any awards the project may have been recognized for, etc. The more we know about the design intent and process, the more in detail these are described, the more likely Vanlife Magazine will feature your project. Soon, we will add more features for conversion companies, but until then, please share your work with us by adding a home on wheels.


Adventure Mobile Renters

Image by Freedom Vans

Do you have a fabulous home on wheels that you rent on Outdoorsy or Camplify? Soon we will add features allowing you to promote your vehicle for rent to the Vanlife Magazine audience. In the meantime, be sure to add your adventure mobile now to get exposure.


Homes on Wheels Dealers

Image by Beartooth Vanworks

We are already seeing many dealers adding outstanding vehicles to Vanlife Magazine. Soon, we will be adding new features to make recreational vehicles for sale easier to find, enabling dealers to add additional data and allowing interested buyers to contact you.


Tips For Getting Your Home Featured by Vanlife Magazine

Image by Humble Hand Craft

Besides a recreational vehicle’s design and concept, there are a few basic content elements we are looking for each vehicle before we can feature it:

Add a description. The copy doesn’t need to be long, but tell us something about the vehicle, something we cannot discover from the photographs. 

Add a clear cover photo. The cover photo is the large image at the top of the page you made for your home on wheels. Please make sure your photos are high enough resolution to look good at this size. The minimum recommended width is 1200px.

Add tags. Although not required, the more information you can provide, the better.

Now is time to share your home on wheels on Vanlife Magazine. Our community and we are waiting to see it. 

Add A Home On Wheels


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