Looking for Music to use in your Videos? Look no further!

You’ve got an epic video, amazing footage, it’s all coming together wonderfully and then…you can’t find any music!

We’ve all been there, scroll through to our first hundred videos on our YouTube channel and you’ll hear music used from YouTube’s very own audio library, which is extensive and full of variation, but doesn’t give you the depth you might want for your video.

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We’re incredibly happy to be ambassadors for MusicBed, which is a music platform perfect for YouTubers, Instagrammers, any kind of online content creation. We’ve now been using MusicBed for a couple of years, and the new content added regularly ensures we always have fresh music to choose from.

They have music for all genres, and we usually lean towards folk/indie. Here are some of our favourites, you can also listen to the entire playlist below.

The Indie Projects - MusicBed Playlist

If any of those songs tickled your fancy, or you want to have a dig through the archives and find music that works for you, then take up the 30 day free trial with MusicBed now!

MusicBed Free Trial

The Indie Projects